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Funds for Introducing Brokers, coming soon

Straightforward access to the market

Funds are an ideal alternative to managed accounts. Our aim is to provide all the benefits of our investment methodology and market knowledge, with lighter setup requirements.

What are the advantages for clients who buy into a CDMA fund?

  • There is no need to open a specific client account with one of the CDMA counterparts
  • There is the flexibility of being able to sell at any time (at end of day value)

The process is simple:

  • a minimum initial deposit of 1000 CHF is required, with the possibility of subscribing to fund shares in CHF, EUR, GBP or USD
  • choose the desired level of capital preservation
  • follow the performance of the fund online, with visibility of daily net value
  • enjoy the flexibility of same-day redemption


At CDMA, we are immersed in market trends, industry indicators and geo-political factors affecting global financial markets on a daily basis. Our vision is to combine this knowledge with our innovative investment methodologies in order to offer the benefits of investment to the most diversified range of clients.

Funds will soon be available - Stay tuned!