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CDMA Services

Advisory Services

Keeping a finger on the pulse

At CDMA, we offer an in-depth advisory service designed to fortify and to accompany our clients in their analysis, their vision for their capital and their investment decisions.

We do the groundwork, and aim to provide the knowledge and the understanding of capital markets that will help clients prosper.


Each of our dedicated CDMA experts sees it as a duty to be available to provide counsel as well as pertinent and real-time information to clients, whenever needed.

Our advisory services include, but are not limited to:

  • Market trends: we have the tools and the expertise to provide

- live forecasts for the day and the week (including exchange rate ranges)
- strategic trading signals (thresholds crossed)

  • Market flow: we keep abreast of significant events affecting markets, and provide studied observations and analysis of their relevance to client investment strategy
  • Macro-analysis: we integrate our knowledge and keen awareness of economics and geopolitics into the equation in order to give the big picture

There is no process to follow for this service, which is available to our Hexagon and Octagon level clients. All it takes is a call to a dedicated CDMA expert whenever necessary. In some cases, when it is required or relevant, we make the call.

We strive to achieve our clients’ goals through regular discussion and instant availability.


The best advice comes from those who understand everything at stake. At CDMA, we build the kind of client relationships that enable truly effective collaboration.