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Securing additional tools for success

At CDMA, our vision is to provide direct market access with state-of-the-art asset management strategy to a diversified clientele.

We serve our clients best by ensuring a clear understanding of goals and requirements.

We work with treasurers of large corporations, multinationals and government agencies and are proud to offer a range of services that specifically suit the demands of such a role.

When you entrust a portion of your treasury to CDMA, you have the assurance of the following benefits:

  • 48hr liquidity allowing full flexibility and reactivity
  • Ability to generate revenue with your available cash, knowing there is no lock-in period
  • Freedom to determine the exact percentage of capital preservation to fit in with your organization’s policies on risk
  • Reduced brokerage fees: we believe in sharing the special benefit of our trading relationships by passing on negotiated rebates to our partners


It takes just a few simple steps to increase the potential for your treasury position:

  • Open a segregated account in one of our custodian houses
  • Select between our three account types and our three investment schemes according to amounts of capital to be invested and the desired percentage of capital preservation
  • Access the chosen trading platform online and get a real-time view of your account and of all your transactions


CDMA – the dynamic choice for your treasury