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Private banks

Joining forces, enhancing performance

At CDMA, we believe in creating partnerships to better serve the marketplace.

To work with us is to join our large network of trading partners, a network built up over time and founded on sound business relationships. The advantage of such relationships is measurable. We pass on the benefit of our negotiated market spreads across multiple asset classes. Our familiarity with our counterparties’ processes enables us to act as a business facilitator.

The profit-sharing program that we have designed for potential partners is both innovative and incentivizing.


Our program offers the following benefits:

  • The possibility to delegate part of your discretionary asset management, with the confidence that our absolute return investment methodology will reap results
  • A selection of segregated managed account types to choose from
  • The dedication and experience of our advisory services, providing strategic counsel, analysis of trading signals and market trend expectations
  • The use of a range of online trading platforms of your choice within the CDMA umbrella


A broad vision for profit-sharing

A driving principle of the program is our will to spread the profit gained from all client asset management areas between respective parties:

  • Management fees (earned in relation to managed accounts)
  • Performance fees
  • Brokerage fees

The actual level of profit-sharing is dependent on the volume of business and the assets under management


Join forces with CDMA, the favored partner for private banks