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CDMA advantages

With CDMA, get Capital Direct Market Access

Serving your interests at every level

  • Absolute Return. At CDMA, when investing on behalf of our clients we are free of links to any benchmark. We are able to seek out the right opportunities, across all markets.
  • 48h Liquidity. Clients deposits are invested in liquid financial instruments - there is no lock-in period.
  • Capital Preservation. Our investment strategy allows great precision in terms of capital preservation.
  • Real-time Visibility. Positions, transactions, investment performance and account history all accessible in real time via the CDMA website and the custodians websites.
  • Continuous Advice, Fast Execution. We work on the basis of privileged client relationships, involving trust, interaction and reactivity.
  • Bespoke Services. The entrepreneurial spirit that drove the launch of CDMA persists in our high-touch, dedicated approach to serving our clients.
  • Business Facilitator. Our clients will gain from our privileged relationships with our custodians. We pass on the benefit of negotiated market spreads across asset classes. Our familiarity with banking processes makes the opening of accounts straightforward and swift with any banks or brokers.
  • Integral Approach. We respond to all our clients’ financial needs, whether short or long-term, with our full and diverse range of trading services.